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Technisearch recruits and selects a wide range of employees for Companies within India and for Companies around the Globe requiring Indian Talents:

(A) Managerial Positions

Directors (Finance, Corporate Affairs, HR, etc);

Managers(Direct & Indirect Tax, Sales, Accounts, Public Relations, IT, HR etc);

Mid-Level Managers (Product Managers, Regional Managers, Operations Managers etc);

Front Office Managers (Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants etc);

(B) Non Managerial Positions

Marketing Specialists, Accountants, Sales Representatives, Brand Managers etc;

Office Staffs (Assistants, Secretaries, , HR, Recruiters, Talent Acquisition etc);

Customer Care Executives (Voice & Non Voice, Technical & Non-Technical, Customer Service);

Front Office Assistants, Chefs, Stewards etc (Hotels , Food & Beverage Industry);

(C) Technical Positions

Civil Engineers, MEP Engineers, Structural Inspectors, QA Engineers (Construction);

Engineers, Technicians, Operators (Electronics, Semiconductors, Equipment Maintenance, Building Maintenance, Data Centre Maintenance, Facilities, Utilities etc);

Process Engineers & Process Technicians (Chemical & Petrochemical);

IT Engineers ;

Biotechnologists, Microbiologists, QC Analysts, QC Chemists, Validation Engineers, Technicians (Pharmaceutical, Bio Pharma and Life Science);

Highly Qualified and Certified Welders(SMAW, GTAW, GMAW, FCAW, SAW) for various industries(Oil & Gas, Power Plant , Transport etc);

Technisearch specialises in Mass Recruitments, Executive Search, Staffing & Payroll and Campus Recruitments for Companies within India and for Companies around the Globe requiring Indian Talents:

(A) Mass Recruitment

Major companies need to constantly attract, qualify and hire a large number of employees for their entry-level positions often within a short period of time. With more than two decades of market presence and a fully established network throughout India we constantly update our data base through Sourcing , Campus recruitments and Job Fairs.

Our Team Pre-screens candidates for Job Fit and briefs the Pre-screened candidates about the Organisation, Nature of Job, Salaries etc to ensure they are Job Ready when they join your organisation which helps in minimising attrition and maximising retention.
We possess the capacity to handle high volume recruitments of a few hundred candidates across various industries simultaneously.

(B) Executive Search

Our Executive Recruiters do not simply wait for candidates to apply to job postings or search resumes on job portals. Our active recruiting philosophy, talent mapping strategy, and targeted contact of qualified candidates ensures our clients have access to the best people for their open jobs.

While our recruiters are adept in multiple verticals, each search is conducted with a fresh perspective. This gives us the ability to draw on our network of passive candidates, while keeping an open mind to find candidates that fit the client’s exact needs.

We take the time on the front end to understand not only the specific skills and experience our client’s need, but to get a 360 degree view of the organization, including culture and environment. This allows us to build a success matrix that ensures the best fit for the organization.

In today’s competitive hiring market, quality candidates have more options than ever before. Our goal is to ensure that each candidate exposed to your organization is excited about the position and chooses your opportunity over others.

(C) Staffing & Payroll

Our Staffing and Payroll services include complete recruitment process that involves selection, training, on-boarding, performance management and payroll across various sites simultaneously so that the companies can focus on their core business.

(D) Campus Recruitment

We have many years of experience in arranging and coordinating Campus Recruitments for Companies in India and for Companies around the Globe who are interested in hiring Fresh Graduates from leading Indian Universities such as Indian Institute Of Technology (IIT), etc.

Overseas Recruitment Services

Campus Recruitment

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We have more than 25 Years of Experience in Connecting Talents and Opportunities

We pride ourselves on the level of customer service that we provide to both candidates and clients.