Technisearch was established in 1995 with a focus of deploying Professionals and Technical personnel from India to Overseas countries. Our strength is in accurately matching our clients specifications within the least possible time, saving the client time and effort in the process. Technisearch has grown to become one of the leading International Recruitment  companies  committed  to  helping  every client / applicant  to  reach  his / her  fullest  potential. We have grown in leaps and bounds and now we are an India headquartered organization with offices in Singapore and Philippines.


To date Technisearch has deployed thousands of Professionals and Technical personnel from India and Philippines to countries such as Singapore, Malaysia and Middle East for Sectors such as Healthcare, Electronics, Semiconductor, Pharmaceutical, Precision & Plastics, Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Information Technology, Hospitality and Construction.


The successful mix of people at Technisearch  from our dynamic management group to our dedicated administrative staff  ensures  our  clients  and applicants obtain optimal results. We at Technisearch believe in absolute customer satisfaction as a concept and to that extent maintain a customer satisfaction index and maintain records of customer satisfaction levels through our customer service questionnaires.


As the world continues to shrink, people and skills are transportable as never before. We are expanding vigorously into  the  business  of  Overseas Education helping our students to identify the best educational institutions overseas helping them to take the next step forward.


To consistently provide cost efficient and high quality service to our clients and to ensure that our clients reach their fullest potential.